5 reasons why to hire us as your next front-end freelancer

By James Star


on Tue Oct 27 2020

More so than ever, the workspace landscape is changing in ways we couldn’t have predicted. Shifting from 9 to 5 to embrace a whole new workplace reality. Today, we are empowered to work for anyone, from anywhere and at anytime.
Businesses like trained specialist need to stay ahead and keep scaling, sometimes businesses can’t scale immediately but your team does require to keep scaling or your business can scale but your team cant, lack of skill sets or know how. In either case, it’s time to consider hiring a freelancer.
Here are 5 excellent (and money-making) reasons why freelancers should be your next investment.

Save you money

Let me guess, you’re paying your employees for an 8 hours work day, right? But what if I told you that they’re actually only working 5 of those hours that you’re paying them for? As much as we’d like our employees to fill out an 8 hour day, and use their every minute working on your projects, the reality is that employees rely on much more than just work, there are other things that help to sustain long term and healthy relationships, such as socialising, water station chats, breaks, coffee etc.. employees are hired for much more than just work.
On the other side, freelancers are hired just for the work. If you hire them for 5 hours work, then 5 hours is all you’re paying and the longer you use a particular freelancer the quicker he gets.
Agency’s might argue that it becomes hard to manage remote freelancers, but the counter here, is that it really depends on how you’re managing them. Agility Cycle can help to show you the best way to manage a freelancer and save your money again!

Save you space

Have you heard the phrase, this seat costs money? And that’s because it actually does, people take up space and therefore, people cost. Hence why businesses need to be certain on the person they’re hiring for a job!
You can save money with your freelancer, as they pay for all their own equipment, computers, desk, chairs, software and so on.

Give you more flexibility

Businesses tend to only work 9 to 5 hours, but your customers still require answers after hours. Another good perk for the freelancer is he’s still operational even after your business closes down for the day

Get the job done faster

When hiring a freelancer, you’re hiring an expert in their area of expertise, in this case front-end development (NB: Future article: 10 skills you need as a front-end developer). You’re hiring someone who has already battle tested through many projects already involving their expertise, that they’re highly confident in their decisions and are capable to follow a list of instructions and require less attention from an office manager.

Reduce risk

Strictly speaking, they’re not employees. Freelancers don’t have the same rights as your full time employees, if they’re not the right fit, it’s a lot easier to replace them. So your risk are at an all time low.
Still not convinced? Here are some common front-end developer tasks that are easy and cost-effective to outsource:
  • Have a design that you quickly need prepared in code, then an expert in front-end can quickly achieve this, whether your design is in Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma or Axure.
  • Need help preparing a logo or images for your website? Another common task that can be quickly achieved by hiring a freelancer
  • Website updating – leave the coding to the experts, before you break something
  • Web components – need a carousel, photo gallery or sliding menu? Another common and modular task that can be given to a front-end freelancer
  • CSS updating – have you completed some CSS work lately but the responsive states aren’t behaving correctly across devices (iPhone, Android, iPad), hire an expert front-end developer freelancer to help you fix this.
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